Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC

Conserving Fish and Wildlife Through Science, Technology, and Partnerships

GCPO Conservation Science Staff

Meet the multi-agency GCPO staff who serve the Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks LCC partnership:


Current Staff

Greg Wathen, Coordinator – Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; 615-781-6610;[email protected]

Dr. John Tirpak, Science Coordinator – US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Wetland Research Center; 601-629-6611; [email protected]

Dr. Mike Osland, Research Ecologist – US Geological Survey, National Wetland Research Center; 337-266-8664; [email protected]

Karen “Gregg” Elliott, Communications & Outreach Specialist - K Gregg Consulting; 901-385-1293; [email protected]

Laurie Rounds, Gulf Coast Landscape Conservation Liaison – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; 240-753-4471; [email protected] (this is a shared position, across 4 LCCs with Gulf Coast responsibilities)

Janet Ertel, Lead Inventory & Monitoring Biologist for the GCPO and Region-wide Deputy Branch Chief - US Fish & Wildlife Service; 404-679-7186; [email protected]

Planned Staffing Additions

Assistant Research Professor, Geomatics – Mississippi State University (anticipated to start October 1, 2011)

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